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PE Sport Specialists™ uses an automated allocation and payment system.  To be paid, all staff must be registered with PE Sport Specialists™ by completing the online registration form.

For Umpires & Match Officials engaged on the basis of expenses being paid to cover the cost of your hobby

If you are an umpire or match official engaged as a hobbyist (conducting your recreational pursuit), you must register and have given us a Statement by a Supplier.  Please sign in and confirm your placements online.  You can only use this system if your placements were set using the system i.e you logged-in, expressed interest in the event (by clicking apply) and you were accepted for the position/event by PE Sport Specialists™. 

Only Umpires, Referees, Match Officials, and in some cases Coaches (ad hoc coaching) may claim expenses as a private recreational pursuit.  All other roles so full time coaching, SportsGuard First Aid, Pool Lifeguard must be paid either via an ABN or TFN.

For staff engaged as a casual employee that are seeking an income i.e have submitted an ATO Tax File Number Declaration and have been on-boarded to the payroll

Sports Coaches using their skills to earn an income, SportsGuard First Aider's, and Pool Lifeguards should all be enrolled on payroll if you are not carrying on a business.  You should have given us a tax file number declaration before being paid (as a casual employee). 

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